Nobi Nobi Plaza (back)

There is a lawn ground where the visitors can eat lunch and relax down. This ground is a large as major baseball ground, so every visitor can enjoy their time as much as they want.
Highland Amphitheater(back) 

This is a place where visitors can enjoy some events like outdoor concerts.
Yu Yu Plaza(back) 

This zone has a playground with a big slide, tunnel, and sandbox. Kids can play and run as much as they want all day. In the future, there will be special plans to make new playground equipments in the workshop.
Highland Fruit Garden (back) 

Fruits are cultivated, like blueberries and raspberries. They are fit to grow in Hiraodai's climate. In the harvest season, the visitor can experience harvesting grown fruits by paying fees to do.
Buckwheat (Soba) Field (back) 

The visitor can see a field that is covered by buckwheat flowers during summer to fall. They also can experience the cultivating and cropping of buckwheat. (Need to resist as park supporting member.)
Campsite (back) 

This camping area provides nine auto campsites, eleven regular campsites, cooking facilities, flush toilets, and coin-operated showers. The camping areas can be reserved for day or night users. B
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